How to save money while buying Christmas presents

Helpful tips to save money during the busiest time of the year.

How to save money while buying Christmas presents

Yup, it’s that time of the year. Once the calendar hits December everyone switches on Christmas mode, also known as – buying presents mode. This time of the year is often characterized by reckless spending, because “Come on, it’s Christmas”. This type of thinking can quickly transform into regret when you check your budget in January. If this is the spiral you get yourself into every year then maybe you need to make a change.

Take a look at a few tips to save money while buying Christmas presents.     

1. Make a list and plan in advance

First and foremost, make a list with everyone you want to surprise on Christmas. After you’ve done that you can move on to making a plan and arranging your schedule – buying presents takes a lot of time, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for. That is why planning in advance can be a plus. This will help you avoid those dreadful last-minute purchases, which often turn out to be quite costly.

2. Be thoughtful

We always want the best for our family and loved ones. This can often lead us to think that we have to get them something big and expensive. Sure, a Cartier bracelet is quite a magnificent gift but is that what really makes a gesture stand out. Instead of draining your savings account, think about what people really like – think of something sentimental. This shouldn’t be that hard since we are talking about your closest. You will find this to be much more touching than some huge, overpriced gift. 

3. 50% Off

If you’ve missed some of the Black Friday deals then you should definitely keep an eye on those around Christmas. However, there is a way around this too. Many people know that January is an extremely slow month for many businesses. Imagine this scenario – instead of giving presents on Christmas Eve you can do it at the beginning of the new year when sales are even more drastic. Yes, this does take something away from the Holiday spirit but isn’t this the most perfect start of the new year. 

4. “Secret Santa”

You have probably exchanged gifts with your friends at least once. If so, then you definitely know how much fun this is. This can be a great scenario for you if you have a big family or one too many friends you want to surprise during the holiday season. It is a great way to save time and money, while not missing anyone from your list.

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