How to start investing with €100 or less?

In order to start investing you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands saved. You can start with €100 from your savings account, which could bring you higher return than the zero interest rate on bank deposits.

How to start investing with €100 or less?

Nowadays the opportunities in front of investors are numerous. They vary between investments for millions to investments which every average person could afford. Here are examples for some of them:

1. Trading Forex

The Forex market is the most easily accessed financial market, because with a lot of brokers you can start trading with deposit as little as €100. After you have tried with a demo account and you are familiar with the terms: equity, required margin, free margin, lot and stop out, then you can easily deposit funds to a live account and start trading. Although, you can open an account with the minimum deposit, you have to consider that you need more capital for bigger gains. This is why most brokers recommend depositing a minimum of €500. This in no way means that you should lose hope, because realistically speaking you can multiply your funds 5 times for a couple of months. Consider that investing bears significant risk and you can lose all your funds. Therefore, before taking any investment decisions you should be aware of the related risk.

2. Trading with stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies

Besides trading on the Forex market most brokerages offer trading with stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. Similarly, most platforms offer micro-lot trading so that you can invest in French, German and American companies in which you believe without having to dig deep into your pockets. By the same token, you can invest in the Dow Jones, FTSE, Nikkei 225, IBEX 35 and other indices as well in crude oil, gold, silver, bitcoint, ripple or ethereum. All this is possible even with a minimum deposit as low as €100.

3. Peer-to-peer lending (P2P platforms)

Through Peer-to-peer platforms investors can invest a small sum of money to purchase parts of different credit debts and earn certain return from the lender. These types of alternative investments allow investors to diversify their portfolio and earn more than they would from traditional investments. Most p2p platforms offer return between 5 and 15% as well as “money back guarantee” and in some cases are free from service fees.

4. Try with different mobile apps for investing

Through the internet you have access to apps that could help you with different fields of finance – from budgeting and saving to automatic investing and robotized experts.

Investing with €100 is entirely possible. However, it will take more time to achieve your desired goals with such small resource. This is why you should consider securing additional funds and whether or not you can set aside part of your budget for investments. For example, if you have €500 you will be more flexible, i.e. you can afford much higher risk and you can realize much higher return.

責任ある取引: CFDは複雑な手段であり、レ バレッジのために急速にお金を失う危険性が 高くなります。 このプロバイダーと差金決済 取引をするとき、個人投資家のアカウントの 73.08%がお金を失います。 あなたはCFD取引 の仕組みや、お金を失う高いリスクがあるこ とを理解し、検討すべきです。

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