Spending 5 reasons for overspending

It often happens that we make impulse purchases or that we buy things which we do not need. Nowadays retailers do everything in their power to make us spend more than we’ve planned. And our brains are usually justifying such purchases.

Did you ever buy new shoes without actually needing them but somehow have managed to justify the purchase saying “I don’t have such pair”.

Trading The most common mistakes novice forex traders make

Trading on the Forex market is an exciting experience, but you need to be careful – especially if you are new in this.

Every beginning is associated with some degree of uncertainty, but also with a lot of emotions and possibilities.

Real Estate 5 financial steps to take before buying your own place

You are tired of renting and you are ready for the next step? Then it is time to think about buying your own place.

This is one of the most significant purchases in the life of most people. For this reason you have to be ready with the financial part of the process. Start with these 5 steps:

Earnings Several easy ways to earn additional funds in your free time

You are spending more than you are earning? You allocate your budget at the beginning of each month, but there is still a gap in it?

Maybe the answer to your problem isn’t in cutting your costs, because sometimes this is just unrealistic.

Career How to handle your first job: a guide

You have recently completed your studies and you are wondering what the next steps are. Then you are at the right place.

From creating your resume to the interview and the first day of your new job, we have described the whole process you will encounter on your way to your dream job:

Savings 5 easy ways to save money

Often we spend money without even realizing it. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to save without restricting your spending.

Saving money is an integral part from the financial wellbeing of each person. However, often we restrict our spending without saving any money, Follow these methods and you will no longer have problems with your piggy bank:

Investing How to start investing with €100 or less?

In order to start investing you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands saved. You can start with €100 from your savings account, which could bring you higher return than the zero interest rate on bank deposits.

Nowadays the opportunities in front of investors are numerous. They vary between investments for millions to investments which every average person could afford. Here are examples for some of them:

Investing 5 secrets for successful investing

Follow these proven rules and improve the return on your portfolio

Before you start investing you should define your financial goals and your risk tolerance. Regardless of whether you want to quickly gain capital or if you want to secure funds for your retirement years, following these five rules will help you develop a successful portfolio and achieve your financial goals.

Credit How to improve our credit rating?

What you don’t know about your credit rating and how this will help improve it

The credit rating evaluates the creditworthiness of a borrower and represents his ability to repay the borrowed funds on the day the loan matures.

Debt Central credit register

How to check my credit interdebtness and can I receive financing despite it?

Not a lot of borrowers are aware that there is an information system that keeps data for the amount of loans drawn by them. This is the Central credit register.

Lenno Lenno raises almost BGN 2 mln. with valuation of the company of BGN 61 mln.

The investor is from Japan and has been our strategic partner for a long time, comments Georgе Tonkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Millions of natural and legal persons in the EU, especially in Bulgaria don’t have access to bank lending for one or another reason, although they can provide collateral.

Investing What is the difference between saving and investing?

Often the words saving and investing are used interchangeably but exactly when do we need to save and when to invest?

Saving is putting money aside for future use. Investing, on the other hand, is when using the saved money for purchase of assets which are expected to bring future returns. In other words, people grow their wealth with investing.

Career How to write a CV that will win you an interview

Effective ways to make your autobiography work for you

The purpose of the autobiography is to help candidates get the desired interview. First impressions are important that is why you should present yourself in the best possible way.

Real Estate Several key steps when renting a home

What is important to know before you chose a home and sign rent agreement

More and more people in the West prefer to live on rent. Reasons behind this are the high payments on mortgage loans as well as the increased mobility of people and the more-often relocation in another town or even country.

Budgeting Effective budgeting – how to create a budget that works for you

Five steps to follow when allocating your monthly budget

The effective management of your personal finances is the key to your financial independence. No matter if this is a new for you or if you have already created a budget, which you have difficulties following, these five steps will help you create easy to follow plan.

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