Do you really need this?
Spending Do you really need this?

Can’t skip a day without buying something new? Yup, you are probably a shopaholic. 🛍️

Yes, we do live in a world in which we are constantly being bombarded with advertisements about different products and services.

Hacks to prevent identity theft
Spending Hacks to prevent identity theft

Without a doubt, the world has changed. Online banking, media, important documents – almost all of our personal information is stored on our phones.

As comfortable as that is, it definitely raises some questions – how safe are our data and personal information?

Living expenses – how to budget them correctly?
Spending Living expenses – how to budget them correctly?

Money flies out the window quicker than we can lock it in. One of the reasons?

Our constant needs to shop, eat and maintain a certain standard of life. This standard keeps increasing each year, so does our money consumption level.

5 ways you are losing money without realizing it
Spending 5 ways you are losing money without realizing it

It is perfectly normal to spend more than what you have planned in some situations. It happens to everyone. What is not normal, however, is paying for fees and commissions, which could easily be avoided.

Very often in order to avoid additional fees and commissions, you just have to plan where your money goes in advance.

5 excuses for overspending
Spending 5 excuses for overspending

It often happens that we make impulse purchases or that we buy things which we do not need. Nowadays retailers do everything in their power to make us spend more than we’ve planned. And our brains are usually justifying such purchases.

Did you ever buy new shoes without actually needing them but somehow have managed to justify the purchase saying “I don’t have such pair”.

責任ある取引: CFDは複雑な手段であり、レ バレッジのために急速にお金を失う危険性が 高くなります。 このプロバイダーと差金決済 取引をするとき、個人投資家のアカウントの 73.08%がお金を失います。 あなたはCFD取引 の仕組みや、お金を失う高いリスクがあるこ とを理解し、検討すべきです。

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